About Us



Established in 2017, Think Act Prosper is one of the fastest growing global providers of educational resources, seminars, and workshops. We believe that education and learning experiences transcend the boundaries of a classroom, and that all teachings should be done by true practitioners - someone who had practised what he preached.


Since inception, we have touched and impacted more than 250,000 lives, through our signature Think Act Prosper (TAP) Growth Conference, seminars, live programmes and award-winning book, in 4 continents and more than 20 countries.


We create an environment where every task is pursued with excellence, every mistake is a learning opportunity and every moment is focused on purposeful and driven outcomes.



Teachings in our modern education system have arguably stifled and hindered our power to think creatively and to think "out of the box". Think Act Prosper aims to change that by creating an environment where creative tension brings out the best in all of us.



Our speakers have acquired immense amounts of experience throughout their many years of successes and failures. Think Act Prosper was put together in the hopes of imparting their valuable wisdom, by equipping our audience with the mindset and the skills of the true practitioners of their field, which will springboard your journey to success.



With more knowledge, comes greater power. We hope that attendees of Think Act Prosper realise the potential of their new found knowledge, in order to bring their businesses and personal endeavours to greater heights. This is the power that will eventually make a difference in the world!



We believe in fostering strong friendships among those who are like-minded. Attendees of Think Act Prosper have the same insatiable desire to succeed as much as, if not MORE than you.


Attend Think Act Prosper and see how making new, powerful friendships can keep you on track and accelerate your growth!