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5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Go to Business Conferences

January 14, 2018


I've gone to a handful of conferences. Some I had little expectations for, yet was quite impressed. Others where I went outside of my subject matter of expertise and learned about new skills. Regardless, I can't think of a single conference that I regret attending.


Did you know that attending a conference could save your business?


Do you know that only about 53% of the companies still survive after 5 years? Have you ever wonder why in just a matter of few years, the once dominant Nokia, had it's market share gone from 48.7 percent in the third quarter of 2007, to just 3.1 percent by the second quarter of 2013.


Nokia is just one of the examples. We also have Kodak, Blockbuster, Marvel Entertainment, Atkins Nutritionals and of course the once very popular Reader's Digest Association, which at some point were one of the largest in their field, if not the world, but eventually going out of business.


That is why, by attending a conference you could acquire the tools you need to make sure that your business is one of the few that doesn't fail.



If you've thought of going to conferences but couldn't justify the reasons to do so, here are 5 reasons you should definitely check one out.


1. Learn from the Best

It's all about learning from the best. No entrepreneur, no matter how talented, can know everything about everything. They have to make mistakes before they can advance forward. The problem is that these mistakes can be costly and could destroy your business.

Attending a conference with talented, experienced speakers can give you a chance to learn from those who have already made a lot of mistakes. They can tell you how to avoid making those same mistakes and escaping the consequences if you've already made those mistakes.


2. Make Connections

There's so much more to a conference than sitting in a room listening to someone lecture you. Many attendees of conferences say the biggest benefits they got was meeting people just like them.

The life of an entrepreneur can be a lonely one, especially when you aren't surrounded by an established community. The only way around this is to make connections from outside your usual circles.

A conference gives you the chance to do this. All you have to do is connect with the right person and you could have a business partner for life. Business is about who you know not what you know, so don't give up a golden opportunity like this by staying home.


3. Learn About Your Industry

Whenever major disruptions happen to an industry there are always those entrepreneurs who're taken completely by surprise. It leads to them having to pivot quickly, or their business simply fails without them understanding what's happened.

If you're living the life of an entrepreneur it's easy to focus entirely on your niche and not look at the wider industry. It's a requirement to know about what's happening in your industry as a whole if you're going to prepare for the changes ahead.

A conference allows you some time to take a look at the wider industry. It's not uncommon for entrepreneurs to be completely unaware of what's going on outside of their little bubbles. A trip to a conference can give them some truths that they would have otherwise never learned.

It gives them a chance to plan and prepare for the changes ahead.


4. Get Some Inspiration

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a conference is the chance to be inspired by what you see. If you're surrounded by the same people and the same issues all the time it's easy to find your creativity growing stale. The fact is your creativity has to be fed with new sources every so often.

Getting out to a conference can introduce you to a range of inspiring people. You'll take advantage of new ideas and you may even come up with a way to pivot your business. Many entrepreneurs have come back from a conference with a new lease on life and new ideas.


5. You've Got Nothing to Lose Anyway

A conference has so much to give at absolutely no risk to you. No matter what industry you're in, you're almost guaranteed to pick up something if you attend a tech or business conference.

From integrating tech into your business to finding out what customers want from your UX, there are so many potential benefits of attending a conference.

Coming to a conference has so much to offer you. But what kind of conferences should you attend?


A conference that sticks out

One conference that sticks out is TAP2018, Think Act Prosper's annual annual conference in Singapore. The conference will be held on March 31 to April 1 and they will be featuring world-class speakers and global business leaders from all disciplines of the tech and business worlds.


Focusing on growth, innovation and company culture, this conference is designed to deliver value for all types of business leaders. Top thought leaders sharing their amazing stories of success, growth strategies and innovation insights, TAP2018 promises to be a discovery-filled event for anyone focused on building and sustaining a growing business.


One of the key speakers will be Jesse Doubek, often known as #1 Facebook Marketer in the world. He will share with the attendees to how helped people like Brendon Burchard and XXXXXX reach a whole new level by Facebook targeting, enabling them to do lesser but earn more. "Dominating the world through Facebook", his insight and common sense make his presentations exceptionally memorable and thought-provoking.


Closing the conference is Derreck

 Kayongo, 2011 CNN Hero, who overcame all odds going from being a refugee from Kenya to a CEO (Founder of Global Soap Project).



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